Witch triple store is reccomanded ?


I'm experimenting with Wisski for drupal 8 version and I can't figured out how to set a Wisski Salz Adapter.  I'm using Virtuso 7.2 dans http://localhost:8890/sparql as endpoint (both for read and write).  There is no field to specify the connection method and password.

Thank you,

Denis Boudreau


Dear Denis,

unfortunatelly we don't have any experience with virtuoso - we typically use these here: https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/wisski/triplestores

Can't you provide it internally without connection method and password? We use SPARQL1.1 via Web-interface




I've tried both with Virtuoso 7.2 and Blazegraph.  The results are the same. After following the example in the documentation [Information Object], I receive the following message after attempting to create a new entity : 

  • There is no primitive Datatype for Path Title
  • Something went wrong in 'directUpdate' for adapter "virtuoso"
  • Something went wrong in 'doQuery' for adapter "virtuoso"