Web Ontology Language & Erlangen CRM

However, CIDOC CRM itself must be implemented in the Semantic Web in general and in WissKI in particular as a computer-interpretable, formal ontology. WissKI itself uses Erlangen CRM, an implementation of CIDOC CRM in OWL DL, a dialect of the Web Ontology Language (OWL). Erlangen CRM implements all classes and relations of CIDOC CRM and tries to stay as close as possible to the model. Erlangen CRM is the only implementation of CIDOC CRM in OWL DL that has been well-maintained for several years and is recognized as an official implementation by CIDOC SIG.
The Web Ontology Language was developed for the Semantic Web. It is based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF), which processes data in the form of declarative sentences
Scheme subject - predicate - object represented in the form of triples. The central components of OWL are concepts, relations and individuals. The relations are directed and possible between two concepts. To store data, the concepts are instantiated in the form of individuals.