How to speed up your views with solr

You probably have the feeling that your solr module does not provide you with maximum performance with WissKI. We had a look at that and realized what you have to do to get maximum speed from Solr in views:

- index all the fields you want to use

- index them exactly the way you want to use them

- if you want to use links to certain entries make sure the item is linked.


But somehow it still was messy slow for us. Most of our views incorporate links - however these seem to be difficult to handle for drupal currently. The usage of the following buttons in the views settings will kill your performance, because they require the system to load the full entity to generate the link and this results in a complete load from the triple store:

- Use entity field rendering

- Link this field to its item

- Any rewriting to a link except if you do it by hand.

Evil settings

So the question is: how do I do it by hand:

1.) Add the URI-Field to the Index - you will need it

2.) After reindexing, add it to the view, pull it to the top and hide it from the user

3.) add the following to the field you want to make a link of.


Have fun with the new speed :D