1.3. Manage - view and structure

Under "Manage" you will find the basic functions of Drupal, with which you can define and change settings on the page. This view is only shown to the user with administrator rights.

Content Various page contents such as articles or basic pages can be created here, see chapter 1.4.1.
Structure Here the layouts of the pages and views of the individual blocks as well as the settings of the input masks (main bundles) for the WissKI entries and views can be created and configured, see chapter 4.
Appearance Here you can set simple layout options for the page, e.g. a selection of themes, configuration options for the homepage logo or favicon, see chapter 6.
Extend The various WissKI and Drupal modules can be installed and searched for here, provided that they have previously been installed on the server on which the respective WissKI system is located.
Configuration Here you can configure the system, e.g. you can find the WissKI pathbuilder (chapter 3.3.), charging for the ontology, the salt adapters (e.g. for the Triplestore, the GND and Geonames adapter).
People Here you can create new accounts for users. The accounts must be assigned certain roles that are defined by the permissions, e.g. read permission, write permission, administration permission, etc., see chapter 7.