1.4.1. Drupal-based content-creation

Another feature of the CMS Drupal is the possibility to create different contents. By clicking on the "Content" button in the administrator bar via "Manage" you will get an overview of the already existing content.

To the left of the table the title of the respective content is displayed, to the right of it in the second column the "CONTENT TYPE", i.e. the type of content created. In addition, you can see which system user created the content and when this content was last changed.
Clicking on the content listed at the top, here "Welcome", takes you to a further page where you can view, edit or delete the content.

Basically, Drupal offers two different forms of content, which can be selected from the submenu of "Content" via "Add content":

  1. Articles: this format is useful for temporary content, such as news or blog posts.
  2. Basic pages: this format is suitable for permanent content, e.g. for an "About us" subpage. The welcome page is also a basic page.