Geonames for location data

Place names can double worldwide and appear several times on different hierarchical levels (district, city, ..). Global norm data is helpful to create uniqueness here.
For the enrichment of location data, a group "Normdaten" is created in the input mask for "geographical location":

Enter the name of the standards file in which you want to reference a resource in the "Standards file" field. The field "Normdaten-ID" contains the ID of the respective resource.
For example, Geonames, the free geographical database of Unxos GmbH, which can be found at http://www.geonames.org/, can be used as a standards file for locations. 
In the search field on the start page, enter the location you are looking for: 

Clicking on the location you are looking for (to interpret the location types in Geonames: https://www.geonames.org/export/codes.html) from the hit list (often more than one hit) opens a map with additional metadata on the geographical location you are looking for:

The location ID with a blue background is then copied from Geonames and pasted into WissKI. Proceed as follows:
First, the name of the norm file, i.e. "Geonames", must be entered. Then the location number from Geonames is entered under Normdaten-ID and saved. The system then automatically transmits the norm data URI and the geographical coordinates. The URI is also the identifier of the web resource.