2.3.2. Advanced Search

This type of search query is useful if you want to search for a specific entry and know which value to search for. For example, you want to search for our previously created document, from which we know the inventory number:

"Advanced search" opens the list of input masks created in the system, which are also listed via Create and Navigate. Then the group in which one would like to search is selected, here concretely within the documents. If you select this, a view opens below, in which all fields are listed, which are located in the input mask of the document. Subsequently, a specific field can be searched. Since we would like to search for a document via its herbarium number, this is selected and the number is entered. In addition to the standard search restriction "contains", the system also offers the possibility of searching for the value exactly as entered in the search, e.g. via "exactly".
After correct input of the number and the start of the search query by clicking on "Search WissKI Entities", the hits are displayed:

Possible search restrictions:

  • contains: Field contains the value entered in the search form.
  • exactly: Field content corresponds exactly to the value entered in the search form.
  • not equal: Field content is not equal to the value entered in the search form.
  • >/<: Field content (only useful for numeric values) is larger/smaller than the value entered in the search form.
  • starts with/ends with: Field content started/ends with value entered in search form
  • not empty/empty: in this case no value is entered, only the criterion starts or ends with is selected. In this case, the system searches all instances for which the relevant field is filled or empty.