Saving and assigning paths and groups

After the path or group has been modeled, click Save. It is possible that an error message is issued if the machine readable name has already been assigned when creating a path or group. This name is first generated from the initially assigned field name. Since this can also occur several times (e.g. description field for person, etc.), an error is reported by the system during the second use. In this case, the machine readable name simply has to be renamed. 
Then select "Create a field for this Path" so that a field is also created on the data entry interface, because "do not connect a field" is set by default.  Only then the possible field settings appear, see chapter
Then the new path or the new group must be assigned to the collection object. This is done by drag-and-drop. The newly created path can be found at the very end of the Pathbuilder without any assignment, if you scroll down to the bottom. Right click on the path at the cross to the left of the path title and drag it to the desired position in the pathbuilder. The data structure and the path hierarchy must be observed.