Path and field functions

Once a path for a field has been modeled, it can be set in various ways, depending on the content to be entered. 

By clicking on the right area of the Edit button, which is indicated by a down arrow, various options are opened. Under "Configure Field" various settings can be made which are useful for the content to be entered. Under "Type of the field that should be generated" you can select which form the field takes in editing mode or you can adapt it to the content to be entered.

The default setting is "Text (plain)" and causes a normal entry field:

For comment fields, for example, which span several lines, it is advantageous if the content can be entered using an editor. In this case it makes sense to select "Text (formatted, long)" to allow an editor input:

There is also the possibility to select the option "Image" in the dropdown menu, for example if an image URL is to be entered in the field.
Yes, after which field type has been selected above, the "Type of form display for field" and "Type of formatter for field" will automatically make the appropriate settings.
If a link is to be set to the data entered in the field, which is useful, for example, in the case of a set disambiguation, e.g. to access the location data record as seen above, "WissKI Link Formatter" must be selected.

In addition, the system allows you to set how often the relevant field can be filled.
This is possible under the option "Cardinality":

By selecting "unlimited", the field can be duplicated as often as desired. This is the default setting.
For example, in the case of the inventory number of the collection object, it makes sense to be able to enter only one number. Accordingly, the value "1" must be set for the cardinality.