7.1. Creating a new user

To create a new user, move the cursor over the People button and click on the submenu Add a new user.

It is also possible to click directly on People and then on the opening page to go to the top button Add user.
Then a form opens in which the e-mail address, the user name, a password and the role of the new user have to be entered:

The assignment of a role affects what a user can and may do and see in the system. If a certain user of the system is only allowed to view content but not edit it, this must be defined via a role assigned to him. A system administrator, on the other hand, needs access to all functions and therefore has a different role than a user with read permission.
The roles displayed here, e.g. collection assistant, have been created especially for this WissKI. In the collections of the FAU, the collection managers are assigned the roles Administrator and Collection Representative, and auxiliary staff are assigned the roles Administrator and Collection Auxiliary.
If the checkbox Notify user of new account is checked, the system automatically sends a message with all access data to the specified e-mail address. Attention: Due to certain server settings, some e-mail addresses may not be accessible. Ideally, an e-mail address of the FAU should therefore be specified.