WissKI-Update mit composer

Wer seine WissKI-Instanz mit dem Programm "composer" pflegt, führt die Befehle normalerweise im Drupal-root-Verzeichnis aus.


$ cd /var/www/example $ composer outdated drupal/*

Will man jedoch in der Beispiel-Instanz "example" WissKI updaten, so muss man dafür in das WissKI-Verzeichnis wechseln:

$ cd /var/www/example/web/modules/contrib/wisski

$ composer update

There are multiple entity IDs for URI .... Please resolve. The first one is taken.


If you import data directly with sparql or get some from other adapters like gnd or geonames, the system sometimes create multiple views (connected via owl:sameAs properties), so that for one entity uri exists multiply entity ids.


The records referring to unnecessary entity id must be deleted from both the triple store and the database.


First go to your DBMS and delete the duplicates from the wisski_salz_id2uri table via a sql query: