running cron on path update

I have one question, are you running some crons when editing the paths, if yes can you explain why?

Because I see in the drupal report that a cron was running, and the location and referrer points to the wisski plugin:

Location wisski_new/admin/config/wisski/pathbuilder/my_path/path/person_title
Referrer wisski_new/admin/config/wisski/pathbuilder/my_path/edit

You most probably have enabled Automated Cron module from Drupal Core.

This will run cron once in a while after loading an arbitrary page and does not relate to the page's content or actions.


Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks hero instinct


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