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When I create a path, the path created successfully but when I try to edit that path the last step is not displayed



What do you mean by "the last step is not displayed"?

Does the last step not appear as a dropdown? Or is it disabled? If latter, you can enable it by going to the dropdown on its right.

If it doesn't show up at all, what was your path like? (the classes and properties)


I tried out the installation guide and created -a group for the "Information Object" that includes E35_Title and E55_Type (as described in the installation guide). This works out well for creating such an "Information Object", but it does not work for "Navigate" (it says "There is no Wisski Entry yet."). If I go to "Find" I can find the Wisski Entity, but if I click on it, I don't see the title and the type that I entered, when I created the "Information Object" (but I can find this information in the Drupal database and in the Triple store database). Maybe this is meant with "the last step is not displayed". Is there a reason, why the information on title and type does not show up?