We have made some short introduction videos on the workflow and the technology of the WissKI-System. Please click the thumbnail to watch the video.

WissKI Tutorial no. 1 (German): System Introduction introduces the WissKI Project. Next it explains the fundamental workflow of the WissKI System.

WissKI Tutorial no. 2 (German): Introduction of the System Core shows the system core and provides information about the basic technology of the WissKI System.


WissKI Tutorial no. 3 (German): Presentation of Semantically Enriched Data explains how the WissKI System presents the semantically enriched data and how the display and the access for the user is simplified by the system core of the WissKI System.


WissKI Tutorial no. 4 first part (German): Textbased Input of Data shows how the WissKI System processes running text by semi-automatic text annotation.


WissKI Tutorial no. 4 second part (German): Fieldbased Input of Data explains how the system core supports the automatic creation of forms for data input and how these forms can be used for data acquisition.


WissKI Tutorial no. 5 (German): Import and Export of Data shows the import- and export-interfaces of the WissKI-System.