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We are glad that you found your way to the new WissKI website. In the following sections we introduce you to the Virtual Research Environment "WissKI" and give you any information you need to use WissKI for your own purposes. Furthermore this website is meant to bring together all WissKI users and developers to exchange experiences. 

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WissKI is a German acronym for "Wissenschaftliche KommunikationsInfrastruktur", which can be translated as "Scientific Communication Infrastructure". It is a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for managing scholarly data. As a web based software WissKI is a flexible tool for data collections that enables researchers to work simultaneously from different places on their common project. WissKI provides benefits of the semantic web technology while supporting simple and common input interfaces. The semi-automatic text annotation is one of its core features. The reference ontology CIDOC CRM (ISO 21127) serves as semantic backbone, which can be extended by domain ontologies and authority files (like GND, Getty TGN etc.). 
All of its components can be downloaded on GitHub where you also have free access to the source code.
Drupal, the underlying free content management system, is extended with a triplestore - a database for the storage and retrieval of triples through semantic queries - such as ARC2 or Sesame

WissKI was developed during a project funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) in two project phases, 2009-2012 and 2014-2016. This project comprises of the following three different institutions and scientific domains: 

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Read more about the DFG project, its beginning and further developments. 

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