On this site you find the basic pathbuilder templates that can be used as an orientation or a starting point for your own pathbuilder paths.

Furthermore you will find a pathbuilder templates and ontology archive where you can download configured ontologies and pathbuilder templates from existing project databases.


Pathbuilder templates

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The following templates provide rather basic forms for dealing with the basic concepts which are needed in museums. If you think we are missing some basic concepts here and you have made templates by yourself, just contact us. If you'd like to share your templates with the community, we will provide them here.

Note that with commit 545e6d61 from 2013-03-01 the import/export format of the pathbuilder module changed slightly. These templates are for current module versions:

Persons & Museum Objects


Group for Modeling Text (as required by Textproc module)


Use the following templates for older versions:

Persons & Museum Objects


Group for Modeling Text (as required by Textproc module)



Pathbuilder templates and ontology archive

Have a look at these specific ontologies and pathbuilder templates configured for several projects.
You need a password to enter in the project databases. Ask for a guest account if you want to have a closer look to the database.


German panel painting of the late Middle Ages
Die deutsche Tafelmalerei des Spätmittelalters

Examination of the paintings at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum from the perspective of art history and art technology
Project duration: 2013–2016
Sponsorship: Leibniz Association within the funding line „Frauen in wissenschaftlichen Leitungspositionen“
Head of the project: Dr. Dagmar Hirschfelder
Content: panel painting, person, material analysis, patterns

Tafelmalerei-WissKI Tafelmalerei ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Tafelmalerei pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)



Memorial Shields from the 14th to the 17th Century
Jenseitsvorsorge und ständische Repräsentation

The GNM’s collection of memorial shields from the 14th to the 17th century is the largest of any museum in the world. They number among the outstanding testimonies to urban memorial culture in the German-speaking world of the Late Middle Ages.
Project duration: 2014–2017
Sponsorship: Leibniz Association within the funding line „Nachwuchsförderung“
Head of the project: Dr. Frank Kammel
Content: object, person, material analysis

Totenschilde-WissKI Totenschilde ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Totenschilde pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)



Systematic investigation of Provenance
Systematische Provenienzforschung

With this project, the GNM is embarking on a systematic investigation into the provenance of objects in the collection that were acquired between 1933 and 1945 and come from unlawfully confiscated property.
Project duration: 2014-2016
Sponsorship: Federal government commissioner for culture and media through the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation)
Head of the project: Dr. Anne-Cathrin Schreck
Content: object, history of the object, art shop, person, auction

Provenienz-WissKI Provenienz ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Provenienz pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)



The collection of musical instruments - Rück as an example
Musikintrumente sammeln - das Beispiel Rück

The Rück Collection of musical instruments and related artefacts, acquired by the GNM in 1962, is one of the largest private collections of musical instruments in Germany. It encompasses around 1,500 musical instruments and accessories, 100 graphic art works, paintings, a photographic documentary and a specialized library containing around 500 works.
Project duration: 2015 – 2018
Sponsorship: German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)
Head of the project: Dr. Frank P. Bär
Content: objects, institutions, archive material, collections, manufacturer of instruments

Rück-WissKI Rück ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Rück pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)



Musices - Musical instrument computed tomography examination standard
MUSICES - Musikinstrumenten-Computertomographie-Examinierungs-Standard

In the MUSICES project, the GNM (Germanisches National- museum) and the EZRT (Development Center for X-ray Technology) of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (ISS) are jointly developing a guideline for the three-dimensional x-ray computed tomography (3D-CT) of musical instruments.
Project duration: 2014 - 2017
Sponsorship: German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)
Head of the project: Dr. Frank P. Bär
Content: object, specific parts of the object, x-ray equipment, ct facilities, measurement data

Musices-WissKI Musices ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Musices pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)



"Righteousness and peace have kissed each other" -Representations of peace in pre-modern Europe
Dass Gerechtigkeit und Friede sich küssen – Repräsentationen des Friedens im vormodernen Europa

The transdisciplinary project focuses the different ways peace is represented in the Early Modern Age. To this end, the sub-project at the GNM is examining the extensive assortment of graphic works, coins and medals in its own holdings. The project partners are: Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz, Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg, Deutsches Historisches Institut Rom, Herzog-August-Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel.
Project duration: 2015-2018
Sponsorship: Leibniz Association as part of the "National and International Network" sponsorship line
Head of project: Dr. Henning P. Jürgens
Content: peace events, object, motive, content, person

Friedensrepräsentationen-WissKI Friedensrepräsentationen ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Friedensrepräsentationen pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)



Luther, Columbus and the Consequences – Shift in World view in the 16th Century
Luther, Kolumbus und die Folgen

The database for the exhibition in 2017.
In the 16th century, new theological, geographical and scientific discoveries came into contact with each other and old world views started to crumble.
Project duration: 2015-2017
Sponsorship: Federal government commissioner for culture and media
Head of the project: Dr. Thomas Eser
Content: object, person, collection

Luther-WissKI Luther ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Luther pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)



Faces of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv
Gesichter des Deutschen Kunstarchivs

The virtual exhibition offers 460 digital exhibits (photographs) from the Deutschen Kunstarchiv.
Project duration: 2015
Head of the project: Dr. Birgit Joos
Content: person, photo motiv

Gesicher des DKA-WissKI Gesicher des DKA ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Gesicher des DKA pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)




The test system documents examplerily castles of the Bavarian Department of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes.
Project duration: 2016
Head of the project: Mark Fichtner Dipl. Inf.
Content: building ensemble, architecture, room, ceiling painting, scene

Schlösser-WissKI Schlösser ontology
(as from 27.10.2016)
Schlösser pathbuilder templates
(as from 27.10.2016)