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Issue Report

Please give a short descriptive title of your issue, e.g. "Deprecation warning when saving Pathbuilder".
Your WissKI page, e.g. ""
Please provide informations of your runtime environment.
Visit Manage > Reports > Status Report and add your PHP version:
Visit Manage > Reports > Available updates (/admin/reports/updates), or open composer.json in your web root, and add your Drupal and WissKI version:
Please answer the following questions in the description field, if possible.
When does the issue occur? On which page or in which action carried out? What exactly lead to the behaviour?
e.g. "Error occur on /admin/config/wisski/ontology when I try to import the ontology". I entered the the url of the ontology ( and clicked on "load ontology".
What did you expect? Do you want to display, configure or save something?
e.g. "It should import the ontology in the triple store."
What happened instead? Did the page crash, is there an error or did the action not take place?
e.g. "The were two error messages: Something went wrong in 'doQuery' for adapter "default"; "Something went wrong in 'directUpdate' for adapter "default"
Please add the message log or screenshots if possible (see fields below).
Notice, Warning or Error Log Messages
If Drupal shows a notice, warning or error in the message area, please visit Reports > Recent Log Messages, search for the message, and copy the whole message to a text file.
Maximum 5 files.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt docx odf.
Some useful screenshots of broken displays etc. or with some markers.
Maximum 5 files.
1 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg jpeg png.

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