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The German Research Foundation (DFG) funded WissKI from 2008 to 2012 and from 2014 to 2017 and ensured a continuously development. This is one reason for WissKIs stable and elaborated state.


The WissKI development started 2008 at the Zoological Research-Museum Koenig in Bonn (ZFMK) in cooperation with the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg (GNM) and the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen (FAU), thus these were the institutes where WissKI was born, raised and grew up.


NFDI4Culture is a consortium within the Nationale Forschungsdaten¬≠infrastruktur (NFDI) that addresses research data on tangible and intangible cultural assets. The German National Museum is funded as a participant, which has enabled a renewal of this site, an expansion and simplification of the WissKI installation possibilities, the development of a DOI API for WissKI, and a revision of the whole WissKI documentation. / UB Heidelberg

As a long-standing partner, the and the Heidelberg University Library (UB Heidelberg) supports WissKI in community building and outreach tasks, provide feedback and share their solutions in ongoing WissKI projects.

WissKI Community

WissKI Community gives an overview of possible applications of WissKI and provides information of past and current projects together with contacts adresses.  

WissKI Network

WissKI Network (WissKI Netzwerk) serves as a hub to the various WissKI resources and partners.

IGSD e. V.

Association for semantic data processing (IGSD e. V.) promotes semantic data networking, primarily in the field of digital humanities. Of central interest is the use of semantic technologies, linked data, open source and open access. For this purpose, the association sees itself as a community and contact partner.

The non-profit association also arranges hosting, setup, maintenance and front-end design of WissKI instances.


You can use the WissKI Chat Channel to communicate with other WissKI users. Chat uses Mattermost as a web-based instant messaging service for communication within work groups. You can read along, meet in thematic groups, ask questions or discuss with other WissKI users and developers.


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