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Pathbuilder - Semantic Middleware

As a core element of WissKI, the pathbuilder ... is the place where you define the WissKI structure, configure groups and fields and tell WissKI to which adapter it should send the queries. You can export/import your pathbuilder setup. The administrative name of a pathbuilder could something like Collection and Collection Items or Named Entities. provides a graphical user interface to create ontology driven structures and serves as a translator between Drupal and SPARQL endpoints. Pathbuilder helps to model RDF structures, stored in a triple store, and Drupal takes care of the input forms and output display - without writing any query or code!
The Pathbuilder only designs the data structures, which means that external endpoints can also be requested and their data can be implemented into the own system, for example from Geonames or other WissKI systems, if they use the same semantics or a mapping has taken place.

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