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2nd Hackdays


Thu, 13.07.2023, All day

The second Hackdays this year took place on the topic of "WIssKI Future". There was less coding and more discussion about what's coming up soon.
For one thing, our weekly meetings on Fridays from 0900 to 1200 hours are no longer called "Hackathon", but simply "Weekly". This is meant to sound less nerdy and more inviting.
It was also about potential project funding and how WissKI positions itself in it.
For many years we used the RDF library "EasyRDF", but since it is no longer actively maintained, we are switching to its fork sweetRDF.
The WissKI Cloud gets a provision API and the WissKI Distillery gets a lot of new settings. The Triplestore will also be changed (probably RDF4J, so that it can be legally used for SaaS services).
Our code should be able to be tested properly, but first it has to stringently comply with Drupal's coding standards with proper typing, etc. This will probably be the next thing after the federated queries, which are about 60% finished.
There was also discussion about OWL2, relations in the views, the increased use of dependency injection, Search API Solr problems, the integration of WissKI into the Media Module, auto-translation and installation profiles in the Distillery ("Distillery Flavours").
It never gets boring in the world of Linked Open Data Management Systems...

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