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Barcamp 2023/1 Review


Sun, 23.04.2023, All day

Our first user meeting took place online and dealt with the possibilities for exchange, how best to report issues, requests for improvement and suggestions from the community and general discussions about topics related to WissKI.
What were the results?


So far, there are many ways to talk to each other and get support from the developers and other users. However, if possible, our communication should mainly take place via our Mattermost in the future.

Issue Reporting

Those who are confident can create a Drupal account and enter issues directly in the issue tracker of the WissKI project. We have made a small chart on how to proceed and what a bug report should look like. In addition, there will be a simple form on the WissKI site with which you can easily report issues.


From the community we received issues concerning batch editing, date fields, Solr, Pathbuilder, REST-API and theming. These will gradually be transferred to the issue tracker.

News from the community

The use of 3D viewers was discussed; the DFG viewer and Kompakkt are currently the main options.
Then WissKI projects should be updated (from the maintainers) on the WissKICommunity page.
The Distillery presented its innovations and, of course, the next User Meeting was considered, which could possibly take place in Erlangen at the CDI.  


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