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Hackdays Review


Thu, 22.12.2022, All day

Many thanks to the hackers from Erlangen, Bayreuth, Heidelberg and Nuremberg for their contribution to the implementation of the federated SPARQL queries in WissKI!

It was quite a bit of work (almost two years!), but WissKI can handle federated repositories now! We have plans for queries to one repository, multiple repositories, each federated or not federated, or even just one group  ... is a fundamental structure element of the pathbuilder ... is the place where you define the WissKI structure, configure groups and fields and tell WissKI to which adapter it should send the queries. You can export/import your pathbuilder setup. The administrative name of a pathbuilder could something like Collection and Collection Items or Named Entities. and can be used as a disambiguation point. Enabled groups resulting in bundles, if you click Save and generate bundles and fields. Administrative names are i. e. Collection or Person and machine names should be start with "g_", like g_person. federated and others not. That's a big boost for linked open data management!
OK, we still need some testing and some things like sorting and pagination are still missing, but next Hackdays are coming soon!

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