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Recap of quarterly WissKI user meeting


Sun, 23.04.2023, All day

We had our first Quarterly WissKI User Meeting and besides impulses from the community it was also about how to deal with issues like bugs and feature requests.
We want all issues to be gathered in one place, all docs to be found on one page and still communication to be as easy as possible.
The issues will therefore all be collected in Issues on the [] site, but the reporting will be done via a simple form without the need to log in to Where to find this form, you will know in due time.
How-to can be found in the docs and if it is not sufficient there, you will be helped on (which in turn will be included in the docs on
We will keep you updated with news.
In the Town-Square will be a great introductory text on how and where to get help. In addition to that, we will create a detailed document with all links and procedures.
Newcomers will be welcomed by a bot that will explain the most important things.
All channels on get proper descriptions to know exactly what to ask or discuss where.
This will not all happen immediately, but gradually, and we hope that this will further improve the quality of support!

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