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0. Preface view
0. Vorwort view
0.1. Das WissKI Projekt view
0.1. The WissKI Project view
0.2. Integration in Drupal 8 view
0.2. Integration in Drupal 8 view
0.3. ISO 21127 - Das CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model view
0.3. ISO 21127 - Das CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model view
0.4. Web Ontology Language & Erlangen CRM view
0.4. Web Ontology Language & Erlangen CRM view
0.5. Semantic modeling with Drupal 8 view
0.5. Semantische Modellierung mit Drupal 8 view
0.6. Engines in WissKI view
0.6. Engines in WissKI view
0.7. Summary view
0.7. Zusammenfassung view
1. Erste Schritte und Aufbau view
1. First steps and structure view
1.1. Start view and login view
1.1. Startansicht und Login view
1.2. Welcome page view
1.2. Willkommensseite view
1.3. Manage - Ansicht und Aufbau view
1.3. Manage - view and structure view
1.4. Content erzeugen view
1.4. Creating content view
1.4.1. Drupal-based content-creation view
1.4.1. Drupal-basierte Content-Erzeugung view Anlegen einer basic page view Creating a basic page view Basic Page Beispiel: Willkommen-Seite gestalten und als Startseite/Frontpage einrichten view Basic page example: Design welcome page and set up as start page/front page view Article/Basic Page fixieren bzw. zuweisen view Fix or assign Article/Basic Page view URL-Settings - Assign a URL to pages view URL-Settings → Seiten eine URL zuweisen view
2. WissKI-specific contents: Create, Navigate, Find view
2. WissKI-spezifische Inhalte: Create, Navigate, Find view
2.1. Create - Creating new content view
2.1. Create – neue Inhalte erzeugen view
2.1.1. Free text fields - Create and link in editor view
2.1.1. Freitextfelder – Erfassen und Verlinken im Editor view
2.1.2. Automatic link generation and input support view
2.1.2. Automatische Verknüpfungserzeugung und Eingabeunterstützung view Automatic link creation view Automatische Verknüpfungserzeugung view Eingabeunterstützung view Input support view
2.1.3. Data enrichment - integration of global standard data view
2.1.3. Datenanreicherung - Einbindung globaler Normdaten view Geonames for location data view Geonames für Ortsdaten view GND for personal/institutional data view GND für Personen-/Institutionsdaten view
2.2. Navigate - Datenbestand des Systems erkunden view
2.2. Navigate - Explore the system's database view
2.3. Find - gezielt nach Datensätzen suchen view
2.3. Find - search specifically for data records view
2.3.1. Allgemeine Suche view
2.3.1. General search view
2.3.2. Advanced Search view
2.3.2. Erweiterte Suche view
3. Data modeling in WissKI view
3. Datenmodellierung in WissKI view
3.1. Allgemeines zu Systemeigenschaften von WissKI view
3.1. General information on system properties of WissKI view
3.2. Ontologie view
3.2. Ontology view
3.2.1. Definition view
3.2.1. Definition view
3.2.2. CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) and Erlangen CRM (ECRM) view
3.2.2. CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) und Erlangen CRM (ECRM) view
3.2.3. Anwendungsontologien view
3.2.3. Application ontologies view
3.2.4. Delete Ontology view
3.2.4. Ontologie löschen view
3.2.5. Ontologie hochladen view
3.2.5. Upload Ontology view
3.3. WissKI-Pathbuilder view
3.3. WissKi-Pathbuilder view
3.3.1. Was ist der WissKI-Pathbuilder? view
3.3.1. What is the WissKI-Pathbuilder? view
3.3.2. Create pathbuilder view
3.3.2. Pathbuilder anlegen view
3.3.3. Paths and groups view
3.3.3. Pfade und Gruppen view Model paths view Pfade modellieren view Gruppen modellieren view Modeling group view Abspeichern und Zuordnen der Pfade und Gruppen view Saving and assigning paths and groups view Changing a group or path view Eine Gruppe oder einen Pfad ändern view Disambiguation view Disambiguierung view Path and field functions view Pfad- und Feldfunktionen view Further types of data entry fields view Weitere Typen von Erfassungsfeldern view
3.4. WissKI-Linkblock view
3.4. WissKI-Linkblock view
3.4.1. Creating a link block view
3.4.1. Erstellen eines Linkblocks view
3.4.2. Creating link block paths view
3.4.2. Linkblockpfade erstellen view
4. Structure view
4. Structure view
4.1. Blocks view
4.1. Blocks view
4.1.1. Block layout view
4.1.1. Block layout view
4.1.2. Custom block library: Creating a new block view
4.1.2. Custom block library: Erstellen eines neuen Blocks view
4.2. Views view
4.2. Views view
4.2.1. Allgemein view
4.2.1. General information view
4.2.2. Creating views view
4.2.2. Views erstellen view
4.2.3. Interaktive Karten mit Leaflet view
4.2.4 Mirador Viewer - WissKI Mirador Integration view
4.3. WissKi Entities and Bundles view
4.3. WissKI entities and bundles view
4.3.1. Edit view
4.3.1. Edit view Creating the Title of the Masks (Title pattern) view Titel der Masken (Title pattern) erstellen view
4.3.2. Manage fields view
4.3.2. Manage fields view Auswahlwerte festlegen view Defining selection values view Mandatory field or required field view Pflichtfeld bzw. Required field view Enter help text for the fields view Hilfetext für die Felder eintragen view
4.3.3. Manage form display view
4.3.3. Manage form display view
4.3.4. Manage display view
4.3.4. Manage display view
5. Extend - Activating and deactivating modules view
5. Extend - Module aktivieren und deaktivieren view
6. Appearance (Themes) view
6. Appearance (themes) view
6.1. Load WissKI icon view
6.1. WissKI Icon laden view
6.1.1. Logo Image view
6.1.1. Logo image view
6.1.2. Favicon view
6.1.2. Favicon view
7. People (Benutzer- und Rechteverwaltung) view
7. People (User and rights management) view
7.1. Creating a new user view
7.1. Neuen Nutzer anlegen view
7.2. Login and welcome view
7.2. Login und Willkommen view
8. Faceted search with Search API Solr view
8. Facettierte Suche mittels Apache Solr view
9 WissKI Installation (Deutsch) view
9.1 LAMP-Stack installieren view
9.1.1 Pakete installieren view
9.1.3 MariaDB einrichten view
9.1.4. PHP einrichten view
9.1.5 Drupal-Datenbank einrichten view
9.2 Drupal installieren und einrichten view
9.2.1 Vorbereitung view
9.2.2 Apache Server installieren & einrichten view
9.2.2 Drupal Installation starten view
9.3 WissKI installieren und einrichten view
9.3.1 Pakete holen view
9.3.2 Triple-Store einrichten view Java installieren view Triplestore GraphDB einrichten view WissKI SALZ Adapter einrichten view Ontologie importieren view
Engines in WissKI view
Example Ontologies from Projects view
How to document view
How to speed up your views with solr view
IIIF capabilities view
Installation Guide view
Notices, warnings, errors in recent log messages view
Semantic modeling with Drupal 8 view
Slack Channel view
Technical Documentation view
The Wagner Triangle (Das Wagner-Dreieck) view
There are multiple entity IDs for URI .... Please resolve. The first one is taken. view
Web Ontology Language & Erlangen CRM view
Why do my tif images not show up? view
WissKI Adapter DNB GND einrichten view
WissKI Drupal 6 Documentation view
WissKI Handbuch view
WissKI Manual (English Version) view