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Define title patterns

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Title patterns are labels for WissKI entities. You can combine field values and text blocks to create meaningful titles.



Go to Manage Structure WissKI Enitites and Bundles, in the row of your wisski-entity ... is an informational object about which information is to be stored or processed. The object can be material or immaterial, concrete or abstract, it is the type of objects or the classification of a group of things, i. e. Bobby (Gorilla gorilla) or Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus could both be individuals of the WissKI entity Specimen. click Edit. Click on + Edit title pattern.

As value for the field Add a path (in section Add a title element), select a attribute of your entity, that describes it best. Click Save pattern.

You have to clear the Drupal cache to recompute the Entity labels. Navigate to Manage Configuration Performance (in the Development section) and click on Clear all caches.

If you go to the Collection view (WissKI Navigate Collection), you will notice, that the entities are named after the value with is in the field Collection Title.

Example Screencast


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