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Create, Navigate, Edit, Delete

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Create, Navigate, Edit and Remove are the basic operations inside WissKIs content management system. Create and Navigate can be found in the WissKI tab. Edit and Delete refer to a WissKI entity and are therefore only visible as tabs within this entity.


  • A pathbuilder ... is the place where you define the WissKI structure, configure groups and fields and tell WissKI to which adapter it should send the queries. You can export/import your pathbuilder setup. The administrative name of a pathbuilder could something like Collection and Collection Items or Named Entities. with enabled groups and fields.



Usually, the first action in a content management system is to create content. Only when content is available, it can be viewed, modified or deleted.

Go to WissKI Create and click on a WissKI entity. The Create-form opens up and you can enter your data. If you use hypertext functionalities (as with WissKI Link formatter), be aware of upper and lower case since autocomplete is case sensitive. Fields with a cardinality bigger than one have a button Add another item, with which you can make further entries. To add data in subgroups or entity references, you have to click on Add new wisski entity fill your data and click Create wisski entity. Do not forget to Save, when you're finished.


As soon there is some data in WissKI, you can visit WissKI Navigate and click on the WissKI entity. You will see a view of all entities, which are in the triple store. If you like to learn more about the layout of these views please visit chapter "Views".


If you now click on an WissKI individual, there is a tab Edit for modifying data. It is the same form as for creating.


Next to the Edit, there is the Delete tab. Deleted individuals can not be restored! So be careful.

Example screencast


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