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Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) are unique, persistent identifying numbers for a document published online. This module offers the possibility to receive DOIs for single WissKI entities.


At this point, only DataCite is supported. You have to request a Repository account and a prefix to use this service.


Just install WissKI DOI on the Manage Extend and enter your credentials at Manage Configuration WissKI DOI Settings (WissKI section).


Get DOI for single WissKI individual

As soon as you installed the module there is a new tab called DOI in the WissKI individual menu. You can choose between two options. You need to set the right permissions, if none administrator roles should be allowed to request DOIs.

Note that DOIs are built on revisions of Drupal. This means that data from entity references can change if the entity being referenced changes. If a person refers to an object via an entity reference and the object is deleted or its title is changed, for example, these properties will also change in all revisions!

Get DOI for static state

This saves the current revision of the entity and request a DOI for this revision. No changes can then be made to it and the DOI always refers to this state of the record.

Get DOI for current state

This requests a DOI for the current revision of the dataset. If a new revision is created, the DOI automatically points to it. The content of the dataset can be changed at any time.

Edit and delete

You can edit the metadata of the DOI. If you are in Draft or Registered mode, WissKI fills the fields with the current local data; if you are in findable mode, WissKI receives the field data from the online repository.

Get DOIs for multiple WissKI individuals

Navigate to Manage Structure WissKI Entities and Bundles and open the operations menu of the WissKI Entity, whose individuals you want assign a DOI. Click Get DOIs. You have the same possibilities as for requesting a single DOI. Just select the individuals and click Get DOIs for current revisions or Get DOIs for static revisions. If you want to select all individuals do not check any individual.

If you process is interrupted somehow, there is the possibility to start the batch of the remaining individuals.


DOIs have three states: Draft, registered and findable. Only drafts can be deleted, and registered and findable states can not reduced back to draft. Be careful here.

Example Screencast


Beware: If you remove the module, the Drupal database table "wisski_doi" is also removed, so you do not see, which entities have already a DOI. Simple do not uninstall this module or backup the database table "wisski_doi" if you like to preserve a concordance.

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