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Run WissKI example in Docker container

Submitted by rnsrk on

You have the possibility to run a preconfigured docker container with Drupal 9.3.6, PHP 8.0, WissKI 3.x-dev, IIPImage Server 1.2, Mirador 3 Viewer, MariaDB 10.5.12, Blazegraph 2.1.6 and Solr Server 8.11.1.

Many Docker basics (like only one service per container) have been violated, plus database access permissions and passwords are not secure. Use this container only for (local) testing or developing but NOT for production environments!


You have to install docker. Consider to perform post installation steps to make life easier.


Open a terminal and type and run a container in the background with the latest image:

docker run --name wisskiExample -p 80:80 -d rnsrk/wisski_example


Wait a few seconds to let the container start - then open your browser and navigate to localhost, login with user wisski and password wisski.

If you want to perform updates or install modules etc. jump into the container with:

docker exec -it wisskiExample bash

Stop the container with

docker stop wisskiExample

If you want to restart the container use docker start wisskiExample, do not use docker run.

Export Data

Open a terminal and export the data from the blazegraph repo:

docker exec -it wisskiExample curl -X POST "http://localhost:9999/blazegraph/namespace/backend/sparql?GETSTMTS&includeInferred=false" > data.nq


You can expose the MariaDB database (port 3306), Blazegraph triple store (port 9999), and Solr server (port 8983) as well with:

docker run --name wisskiExample -p 80:80 -p 3306:3306 -p 9999:9999 -p 8983:8983 -d rnsrk/wisski_example

If you facing trouble with the ports, you may want to use 3000 and above for testing, i.e.:

docker run --name wisskiExample -p 3000:80 -p 3001:3306 -p 3002:9999 -p 3003:8983 -d rnsrk/wisski_example

If you like to alter something you can clone the latest version and build your own image.

Example Screencast

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